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Photography, the intimate and beautiful thing it is, is all about emotion—it is the purest representation of the human spirit frozen in time forever. It’s about capturing what gives you butterflies all over, what makes you press snooze for the tenth time because you’re not ready to leave their side, about capturing that smile that won’t leave your face while they’re holding you. It’s about what makes your love, TRULY YOURS. And that’s what we’re here to capture.

We want to invest time in your love. Invest time in getting to know what makes the two of you, ONE. Let’s get to know each other and do this damn thing! We’ll go first!


i cant thank you enough for being here.

Myers Briggs & Enneagram: INFJ-T & I’m Type 6

Love Language: Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.

Current Obsession: I'm a new mom to five baby chicks. Their tail feathers are coming in and right now they're that kind of that cute/ugly.

Favorite Food: Does chick-fil-a count as a food?

Favorite Movie: I have two boys so of course we're all about the disney movies! Onward is deffff a top pick along with Coco.

Why Photography: I love photography because it’s just sooo dang intimate. I get to immortalize someone’s true nature and that’s such a freakin gift. I love being able to feel people’s love and capture their exact emotion.

Cats or Dogs: Oh definitely a cat person. They know exactly how much love to give.

Dream Vacation: I’ve allwayysss wanted to go to the Kingdom of Tonga and swim with the whales. LOOK. IT. UP.

Pineapple on Pizza: I’m a firm believer in pineapple does not belong on pizza. Please hire me still.


Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 10.38.09

Shelby had an amazing wedding package that we couldn’t resist! I was totally blown away by our wedding pictures. They are truly amazing!! Shelby is so calm and wants you to be comfortable and natural. She will get “the shot” each and every time!

Stefanie + TJ

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