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I am based out of Knoxville Tennessee. annnndddd HECK YES! I absolutely love to travel. Seriously take me anywhere!

There is a $500 deposit that will come off of your total package price. The remaining balance is due the week before your wedding. I accept nearly any form of payment!

I take on roughly 20 weddings a year! I try to keep the number of weddings I take on smaller so I can devote all my creative power to each brides need allowing for a smooth and rememberable experience.  

It varies per wedding. Sometimes I are shooting 4 hour days, other times I are shooting 10 hour days. I offer 50 photos an hour. However I don’t wanna withhold photos from you because I told you wei would tell your story, and your story isn’t limited to a number!

I try and have sessions back to you within 3 weeks. And weddings I try to deliver 6-8 weeks! I don’t want to rush on your photos! I want to make sure they are perfect when you receive them!

I don’t do heavy photoshopping! I want the photos to look like you, not a fake version of you! If you’re looking for someone to make you look not like you, I might not be the best fit! I will try and shoot you to make you look like the best version of you though, and will edit out things like pimples and bruises. Essentially temporary things!

Q + A


Where are you based and do you travel?

How do payments work?

How many weddings do you take a year?

How many images do you include?

What’s your turn around?

Will you photoshop us?

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