A New Years Eve to Remember: Brinlee Olivia

When my doctor told me at my appointment that I was four centimeters dilated I knew she would be here soon. Four weeks before my due date, I positioned myself in bed, afraid that any physical activity would induce labor. With the unknown of a first child, I thought every slight discomfort was a contraction. I could feel something in my back and down my legs. Seeing my grandmother's excitement of meeting her first great granddaughter, I thought she was overreacting when she urged me to go to the hospital. I brushed it off but I knew I should have gone. Saturday morning, New Years Eve, I woke up with the same tightening I had been experiencing the day before. I called my doctor to caution our arrival. Luckily I had most of my bag prepared, just a few odds-n-ends missing. I nudged my grandmother and explained it was time. She got up and immediately dressed. I alerted Shelby that I would possibly be having the baby. It felt like we took ages reaching the hospital. Every shake there worried me. The longer we were in the car the closer the contractions grew, which made my nerves worsen. Even though I had driven this route time and time again, I kept asking "are we there yet?", "how much longer?". We finally arrived. After waiting four hours, if not more, they admitted me. It was time to call my family.

I was five centimeters dilated and moments away from getting an epidural before breaking my water. I was eager. I was anxious. I had so many emotions circulating my mind. I was going to meet the human that was growing inside of me! Everyone showed up quickly. Shelby first, followed by my grandfather, sister, and mom.

Quickly progressing, so did my contractions. I needed relief. Through the increase all I wanted was peace and quiet but my mom kept insisting on comforting me through it. I didn't want to talk until they gave me something to help cope.

My contractions were almost unbearable at this point. In between eight and nine centimeters dilated, her head was so low. I wasn't ready. In so much misery my nurse appeared. My grandmother watched in agony. I knew she wanted to remove the hurt.

Dilating faster than I thought I would have with my first child, I decided it was time to call her father and his family.

Before everyone had to exit I wanted to snap a few photos. We were all so ecstatic. We were about to meet the newest member of our family!

The time had come! I had butterflies in my stomach and so overjoyed anticipating the arrival of my baby girl. They couldn't fix my bed fast enough! I was beyond ready.

After a few practice pushes, I questioned my nurse if she had hair and she did. Lots of it! She offered to allow me to feel for myself, but I declined. Watching them further prepare for her arrival, I patiently waited on my doctor.

IT WAS TIME TO START PUSHING! I get to meet my daughter. Excited was an understatement. She was here! I was so ready to hold her and give her all the love her heart could handle! I let my grandmother and mom cut the umbiblical cord. I know they will hold onto that memory for a lifetime.

Checking her vitals, immediately following delivery, felt like an eternity. My first thought when I admired her was "she is beautiful, this is my daughter". I wanted to hold her with a never ending grip! My birthing experience went by in a blink of an eye. Am I crazy for wishing it had gone by slower? I couldn't have done it without my grandfather, grandmother, and mom. My grandmother is my number one support system and if it wasn't her it would have been a nightmare. From the car ride, to holding Miss Brinlee for the first time, I would do it all over again. I am so thankful I had Shelby there to capture my journey into motherhood. I will cherish these moments forever. My first child and an event I will never forget.

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