Big Brother Adventures

Our littlest baby boy turned three months old this September. I have been putting this blog on the back burner for awhile now and I knew I could no longer avoid it. In a years time change is inevitable but unlike the slow passing of the hours, a photo you are forced to come to terms with real life. While scrolling through these pictures I struggle to keep my eyes dry as I am so overwhelmed with emotion. Our baby, our first born, is no longer a baby. His chubby cheeks are gone. His short stature has become long and slender. His timidness has become an intense curiosity. I can recall each memory from each photo. I remember when blind pointing was our main source of communication and now he can pick up the phone and ask you what you are doing. Or when my lap was his favorite getaway but now I struggle to get him to hold my hand. I cannot stop him from growing up and for that I will always cherish these moments frozen in time. There are two things I know for sure: he is one loved little boy and the adventures are just beginning.