The Best of 2017

1. 2017 was full of so many firsts and a few lasts but never the less an eventful year! I thought it would so fun to visit my favorite memories starting with our trip to Disney. It was our first trip to Disney together and our last as a family or three, kinda. Seven months pregnant, my poor feet held it together enjoying every inch of the happiest place on earth. Although we were there for such a short amount of time seeing the joy on our son's face made the long eleven hour drive SO worth it. Not to mention my husband continued to talk about it for months after our return home after being on the fence on how he would enjoy it. We cannot wait to go back but now as a family as four!

2. I'll do anything for ice-cream! My third year participating, second time pregnant, and first time with my son, I concurred the three mile color run at thirty two weeks pregnant. 

 3. Shortly after our run we began hunkering down to meet our sweet new addition. Early one Sunday morning we welcomed our second baby boy into our lives. After a gut wrenching delivery with our first, I opted out of all interventions by delivering at home. My heart tugs in each direction when I think about these two. As much as I loved pregnancy I know deep down I don’t want anymore children. We have come to the point in our lives where it’s no longer about growing our family in numbers but filling our family with love. 

 4. If you know me you know just how important the solar eclipse is to me! During this phenomenon it teaches you something very important. While the moon covers the sun your most vital resource is gone. Without it you begin to evaluate everything it does for you and all that is lost without it. The same principle applies to life. You never know just how quickly something can be taken away from you so learn to treat every situation like your last. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones tighter at each goodbye. 

5. Typically on dates you go to the movies, not us! Three years and two kids later we all four grab some popcorn and a giant drink and saw our first movie together. Cars 3 might not have been ideal for our first, first, but it’s definitely one for the books. 

6. Long distance isn’t for the faint of heart. My husband and I have been together for nearly four years now and we might have spent a total of half of year together. His demanding work schedule kept him away leaving us dependent on endless facetime calls. My face lights up each time I am able to say my husband is finally home. I was beginning to think the moment would never come that I would be able to lay with him each night. Through all the adjusting of a new routine I am truly blessed to finally have him to wake up to each morning. 

 7. During a National Geographic assignment, National Geographic photographer, John Stanmeyer, used one of my photos as the leading example! Such a surreal moment I am completely honored that I can look back and show my two boys what they got to be apart of.