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Life is full of beauty. And, Shelby Clowers has a talent that captures all of it. Spectacles of joy, happiness, and sheer cheerfulness all caught in the lens of a camera. The beholder, a young woman who I have had the pleasure, no – privilege of being friends with for going-on sixteen years now. A young woman whose ambitions have always seemed to be at the summit of her priorities. Shelby Clowers has always been artistic. Her creativity initially flowing from the pointy edge of a pencil. And, now has found it’s way into her photography. Which just like her artwork, is well-detailed, stunning is probably a more accurate word. I would say confounding, but honestly, Shelby’s ability to capture your most precious moments, her ability to pay attention to your needs and wants does not surprise me, for my expectations for her are always surpassed. What’s better about her and her business? Her personality. During my photo session, Shelby was not “someone else,” she was herself. Genuine and truly caring about what you wanted. She never pretended to be somebody she isn’t. Of course, I have known her for most of our lives, so it is easy to attest. Shelby cares! She wants and will exceed your every expectation. 
She did mine.


We love her and her work. She NEVER disappoints. Each and every photo she captures; I cherish! She is AMAZING!!


We chose Shelby as our photographer for our wedding and with that, we received a complimentary engagement session. The pictures and moments she captured turned out amazing in that shoot. I felt beautiful and we were able to bring our fur baby with us and let her be apart of our shoot! She traveled to Big Ridge State Park to capture our wedding in the rain. We are a same sex couple and she made us feel special, cared for, and most important the exact same as any other couple she would have shot! I highly recommend her for any couple you won’t be disappointed!


Shelby is so sweet and an amazing photographer. I put my complete trust in her and she delivers! She helped me with details I wasn't sure about, kept us on schedule, and was very courteous and professional. She fit right in with our family and friends! A 10 star human :)


Shelby had an amazing wedding package that we couldn’t resist! I was totally blown away by our wedding pictures. They are truly amazing!! Shelby is so calm and wants you to be comfortable and natural. She will get “the shot” each and every time!


I honestly do not know where to begin. So I guess I’ll start at the very beginning because that makes sense right? Sooo Jacob, my now husband, and I were engaged and was looking for a photographer. I had heard about Shelby, but didn’t know much about her or her photography skills. Therefore I obviously stalked her social media!  & I found tons of amazing pictures! So I was like okay let me check out her pricing and one thing I LOVED was getting a complimentary engagement shoot with a wedding session and having so many options to chose from that fit my budget. So I proceeded to contact Shelby. She got back to me, not to mention very quickly and we set up a date to meet. She met me at a local Starbucks and we talked about what days for the wedding and such, which stressed me out a little because she was SO booked already!! & I had thought I was starting early! I was a little nervous the day we met her to do our complimentary engagement shoot because I was like I don’t know any poses to do, I have no idea where to pick or anything. Thank god for having Shelby! Not only did she recommend such an awesome place (Melton Hill Park) but she knew exactly what I was looking for barley knowing me! Taking these pictures I thought it would be super awkward. I mean we didn’t know Shelby but here she came, climbing in my car eating chicken nuggets telling me where our first location would be. Shelby is hilarious, so down to earth, and knows how to engage in ANY conversation. Not to mention how awesome she is in knowing exactly how to pose you, exactly the right angles, all the way down to telling you HOW TO SMILE! I never thought knowing how to correctly smile for a picture was key but holy moly does it change the way your picture looks! Fast forward to our next photoshoot with Shelby, which was Max Patch. We met Shelby at Walmart at 3 AM!! So we could drive two hours away to do a fricken sunrise photoshoot!! What kind of photographer meets you at 3 AM and hikes up a mountain for a photoshoot!? (Ours obviously!) Fast forward to the most magical day of my life. Our wedding day! I always knew I was thankful having Shelby as our photographer but on our wedding day, she was more than that, she was everything to me. She was our photographer, our friend, she helped me into my dress, she kept me laughing the entire day when all I could do was try to make sure everything was going smoothly, she got every single picture I could possibly think of plus more! On your wedding day, you kind of feel rushed, there is so much to do from getting down the aisle to get married to your first dance, all the way down to cutting the cake. On the wedding day, it’s like you’re there and present but there is so much to do and so many people to thank for coming that you don’t really get to take a breather and just look at what is going on around you. Upon receiving my wedding pictures I was blown away. Looking at the pictures I was honestly thought I was at my wedding again. They are such great pictures, everyone has genuine laughs and smiles, you see two families merge as one and I am in tears because I am so thankful for having Shelby to capture them all. From pictures when I was getting hair and makeup done, to pre-ceremony pictures, walking down the aisle, kissing my husband, taking family pictures, then bridal party pictures, to sentimental husband and wife, first dance, cake cutting, DANCING at the reception, to our sparkler send-off. Shelby was there through it all, every step of the way. I could NEVER say enough good things about Shelby. There are truly not enough words.


There’s not enough words to describe how great Shelby is! Book with her! Any photographer can capture the posed shots but Shelby has an eye for the little things and it truly makes the biggest difference. Some of my favorite photos she took were of the small things I had no idea she even photographed. She walks you through each shot she has in mind in a way that doesn’t make you feel awkward (and I always feel awkward having my picture taken). Both our engagement and wedding pictures turned out incredible and it’s so awesome to be able to have photos where you look like you normally do and the ones on your wedding day when you’re all dressed up. We were so glad that Shelby was there on our wedding day because yes she was our photographer but she also felt like a friend. A great artist and person all around. I’m obsessed with her work!


Where do I begin? I had a large wedding party and the weather was crazy and Shelby just jumped in and didn’t let the weather or anything hold her back! My husband and I are both awkward and were nervous about having our pictures made. But Shelby made us feel so comfortable and we are so happy with our photos! I would recommend Shelby to anyone and I know they wouldn’t be disappointed! She grasped magic that we can hold onto forever. She is so talented and we loved her!


My experience was outstanding with Shelby Clowers Photography. I planned a trip to the Smoky's and wanted to get photo's done of my boyfriend and I. I searched for photographers on Instagram and came across some of Shelby's photos (BLOWN AWAY). I reached out to her and she got back to me right away and was so helpful with trying to pick a location for our shoot since we were coming from Florida. Communication leading up to the shoot was fantastic! The day of the shoot the weather was not in our favor but Shelby was able to make the shoot fun and enjoyable even with a little rain. I would give her 1000000 stars if I could! She is super sweet, creative and can make you laugh! I will definitely use her for my big day even if I have to fly her to FLORIDA :) 


Omg!!! We couldn't love her more! The photos are soo good! She did an amazing job, we are so very lucky to have found her! 


Shelby is AMAZING! We could not have asked for anyone better! We got married on New Years Eve and she really made the day so smooth! I can’t wait to use her again!!!


Shelby was wonderful! We love our photos, and we love how easy it was to work with her. She helped capture the emotions and beauty of our wedding day. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a photographer!


Shelby Clowers is a GENIUS. She caught on to our vibe right away, and knows how to position everyone in the picture for a beautiful result. She has an eye for beauty and intrigue, and I am ecstatic that she captured that in our wedding photos. I can't say enough good things about this woman! She is comfortable to work with, has great ideas, and made me feel like a rockstar.


Shelby is the absolute best! I had such a wonderful and beautiful wedding day living it and she was able to capture and put into photos just how beautiful it felt! She worked with us and my massive family to make sure we got every shot and more! She is seriously an artist! I’m so happy that we have her photos to remember our wedding day!


Shelby was a God-send! When Nich & I were discussing our non-negotiables for the wedding my #1 was hiring Shelby. I had followed her on social media and fell in love with the moments she captures. We were nervous we would be awkward on camera but she guided us through every step and our engagement photos came out PHENOMENAL. We just got married less than a month ago and Shelby did a fantastic job. She made the day a breeze, helped in more ways than one, and was truly so professional, precise, and kind. All of my family and friends were raving about how much they loved her presence and personability. She’s pure magic! Highly highly recommend!!


Shelby is absolutely wonderful. She worked with me not only on my wedding day but also leading up to it! She came to my venue weeks before to scope the place out and come up with some photo ideas (I loved it). She used the space and objects around her and incorporated them so beautifully into my wedding photos. Which by the way, such amazing photos!! She also works well with kids as they can sometimes be a bit fussy. Thank you, Shelby, for capturing such special memories for my family and I. I highly recommend her as I think she is absolutely wonderful!

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